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Flexo printing on corrugated carton VS. Offset printing on cardboard

Corrugated carton boxes are often for shipping which substrates are spongy and can be easily crushed during an indelicate printing process. With today’s advanced for the materials on corrugated packaging printing. In addition to benefiting from the material's combination of lightness and durability, which is ideal for shipping.

Flexo printing is a technique that uses a flexible printing plate

In Flexo printing an imaged printing plate, cylinder or sleeve applies graphics onto a substrate. By applying the special ordered ink, the image will be seen on the carton directly. Ink is metered directly onto the image carrier, by another cylinder called an anilox. As the image carrier cylinder rotates, it transfers the image onto a moving substrate.

Flexo uses quick-drying inks and works on many types of absorbent and non-absorbent materials.

Offset printing process apply most widely on custom printed boxes for rigid boxes and luxury boxes.

There are few types of the machines would be applied which includes multi-color group, multi-function web and flat paper machine type. The former has a high production speed and is suitable for printing pre-printed cartons with large production batches and relatively fixed product structure. After printing surface paper, it can be pasted directly on corrugated cardboard. The printing speed of the latter can reach about 10,000 sheets per hour, which is suitable for the printing of medium and small batches of carton packaging boxes. The printing specifications of the surface paper can be flexible.

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