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Edge Crush Test (ECT) of corrugated cardboard

Edge Crush Test (ECT) is a testing method used to measure the durability of a corrugated board This gives valuable information regarding the strength of the board to resist crushing. This helps to find out whether the chosen board is available for carrying certain weight.

ECT machine

Benefits of Edge Crush Test

Standards: ECT helps the supplier to determine whether the manufactured box complies with industry rules and customer’s requirements. Customer’s can determine whether the chosen material visually whether it meets the required demands.

Material testing: ECT allows the producers to check the strength of corrugated box. Producer can test the quality of materials used in the production.

Bursting Strength Test

Bursting Strength Test checks the toughness of the walls of the corrugated board when subjected to pressure. For testing, a rubber diaphragm is used to apply pressure to the walls until it bursts. The diaphragm is expanded using hydraulics and as the diaphragm expands, the corrugated board bursts under pressure. Meanwhile, the data will be record and analyze for determine the material to be produced.

Bursting Machine

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